Friday, January 13, 2006

Oprah determines what you read?

I have never ever read a book because Oprah recommended it. Of course all authors want to be on Oprah, but do authors read what she recommends? I doubt it. Matter of fact, I was attracted to Franzen's The Corrections when he declined being an Oprah pick. That intrigued me, and I loved the book.

But what is that, reading a book because Oprah picked it for her book club? What happened to wandering the bookstore looking for a book, or reading reviews, or listening to your friends talking about their books? Now, if you have no friends that read, then you're going to need Oprah. Or if you don't read reviews or you don't wander the bookstore.

She says if a book resonates, that makes it true? Oh Dear. Now we have to define the word "true."

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amy said...

On the one hand, Oprah has a lot of people reading and talking about books that may not have been before. I mean, everyone I know is in a book group. My mom's friends never were in book groups. So, I don't feel snobbish about it. But I certainly don't pay much attention to her. Usually, I've read the books already. And like you, I was attracted to Franzen after that whole situation. Another interesting thing about the whole question of fiction and memoir: We just checked out a copy of Dominick Dunne's Another City Not My Own, which we love but our copy is in storage. And guess what is on the cover? "A novel in the form of a memoir."