Thursday, January 12, 2006

Publishers Weekly on Frey

Here's what Publishers Weekly and others have to say about Frey. (On Maud Newton's blog, scan down a bit. She has lots of links.

And please, somebody, tell me: Why does everyone care so very much what Oprah thinks and why does she have such influence over what people read? I mean, I know why authors love her, but the reading public, why???

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Chandra said...

Hi Barbara--
I cannot for the life of me understand why Oprah is standing by this guy, or why her opinion suddenly makes everything ok for so many people. Can't you just picture a bunch of people saying to themselves, "Well, yeah, he IS a big fat liar, but I'm sure he's telling the truth about that other stuff that The Smoking Gun can't check up on him for, and if it's OK with Oprah, then it's OK with me."???
When nearly every key plot point in a memoir is a complete fabrication, it's not a memoir anymore. Just call it what it is: a novel.
:) Thanks for posting about this!